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10 Best Resources when Preparing for Deployment

My husband and I are preparing for deployment. We are head first into to do lists, fixing things around the house, planning our vacation during his pre-deployment leave, shopping for last minute supplies, and many other things.

My husband has been in the Navy for 14 years, we’ve been married for 8 of those years and this will be our first “official” deployment. (Don’t ask how this has happened-its just the way our cards fell LOL) We’ve gone through a couple 3 month separations for schools and such but this will be the first time we’ve been apart for this long.

I’m a huge planner and researcher so it comes as no surprise that I’ve been doing a lot of reading on what to do before deployment and how to thrive during deployment. I’ve come across a lot of great info from fellow military spouse bloggers so I wanted to share them and have them all in one place!

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10 Best Resources when Preparing for Deployment

5 Stages of Pre-Deployment

Kathryn from Singing Through the Rain has a great quick read on the 5 Stages of Pre-Deployment. From denial to acceptance, she shares the cycle we often go through before deployment. While you are there, be sure to look around, she has a ton of great resources for Military Spouses.

ABC’s of Deployment

Rachel from Countdowns and Cupcakes has a fabulous 26-week series all about deployments. It covers everything from care packages to homecomings to OPSEC. On top of this jammed packed series, she also has an amazing Deployment tab on her blog that is FULL of amazing info!

Dear Military Spouse Facing Your First Deployment

Erica from Whimsical September  shares her thoughts looking back on her first deployment in a letter to herself. She touches on everything from the tears that she shed to the things she accomplished on her bucket list. This heart felt, transparent look at deployment made me feel ready for what is to come. Erica also has a lot of great reads for military spouses on her blog too. Check out her Military Life tab.

Surviving the First Week of Deployment

Lauren from Military Wife and Mom has a fun to do list for the first week of deployment including eating lots of Ben & Jerry’s, rage cleaning, calling your mom and so much more! While I may not do everything on this list, it does give me comfort and confidence to face this upcoming deployment.

I’ve turned to Lauren’s blog SO many times over the years! She is a wealth of knowledge for military spouses. Be sure to bookmark her page!

The Very Real Truth about Experiencing Deployment for the First Time

Jo from Jo, My Gosh! nailed it in this post. She explains how our emotions leading up to deployment are such a “weird mishmash of emotions”. Boy! Is she right! I’ve been happy, sad, angry, distance all at the same time. Her post makes you feel ‘normal’ and that everything you are feeling are justified and that you are going to be okay! So much encouragement can be found in this post!

Jo, My Gosh is another blog you will want to bookmark. There are SO many resources! I can’t wait to spend more time over there!

15 Tips for Surviving Your First Deployment

Julie from Solider’s Wife, Crazy Life shares 15 very practical pieces of deployment advice. Whether its deciding on moving back home or finding ways to fill your time, this post covers it all!

Julie also offers a FREE ‘Guide to the First 30 Days of a Deployment’. Be sure to snag it!

FREE Deployment Binder

Lauren from Military Wife and Mom has a FANTASTIC deployment binder that she gives away FREE! This was the binder my hubby and I used in our pre-deployment planning. It is FULL of some much info! It walks you through EVERY aspect of your life and helps you figure out what needs to be done financially and around the house to get ready for deployment.

I can NOT recommend this binder enough! Snag it NOW!

10 Things You Will Enjoy About Deployment

Sarah from Servant Mama shares the positives of having your spouse deploy. Many articles on pre-deployment are about the prepping the home and how to cope with missing your loved one. While those are great AND very much needed, Sarah’s post is a nice change of pace and helped me see (and look forward) to some small ‘wins’ during this upcoming deployment.

The Rock Deployment Checklist

Jo from Jo, My Gosh! shares 10 things to do to get ready for a deployment. She touches on the heavy stuff like creating a will as well as the simple things as spending quality time with your loved one.

Your First Deployment

Lizann from Seasoned Spouse shares how to prepare for deployment and how to rock it with lots of great tips! I especially loved her monthly celebrations as each month passes.

I’m learning to celebrate all my wins (big and small) when my hubby is gone and this post has really encouraged me to continue to so!

Want to see how my hubby and I personally prepared for deployment? Check out my How To Prepare for a Deployment post!

Do you have any tips or resources that helped you through the pre-deployment process? I’d love to hear them! Comment below or send me an email (email address in the About Me section)

Download your FREE Pre-Deployment Check List and gain access to the complete Three Littles’ Printable Library! Enter your email below!


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10 Best Resources when Preparing for Deployment

Brave Crate-Subscription Box just for Military Spouses

Deployment 2018-2019 Care Packages

Looking to make the most of your time during deployment?

About a month ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across Brave Crate from a fellow military spouse blogger. I was immediately intrigued and headed to the their website to learn more!

It was love at first sight! I loved their mission to help military spouses make the most out of deployment life and to treat themselves with a little something each month.

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  • Erica @ Whimsical September

    Thank you sooooo much for including me in this list!! So sweet! I’m glad you liked the post I wrote for spouses attempting to navigate their first deployment. Thinking of you as you tackle this first official deployment. YOU CAN DO IT!!! I’m always here to chat if you ever need an encouraging word! We somehow survived four of them. Ahh

    • threelittles

      You are very welcome! It was a great post! And thank you for the well wishes! I’m feeling confident (….right now! HA!).

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